About Me

Hi, I am Bil Niemiec. I am a New Yorker who loves the fast life that the city brings. Moving on the fast lane is something I love doing and running bring me a great deal of happiness! Tagged along with my love for writing, I decided to create a blog from the scratch and publish things that truly interests me especially fitness and hopefully you as well! In the past, I would read many different magazines on healthy lifestyle, so I thought to myself, why not just start a blog where I would post things on that and share with others about my knowledge on fitness since I’ve always enjoyed talking to others about it. This has led to the creation of kankoku-kokusai which means the love of things in japanese. I hope from that, you can tell that I am actually into the Japanese culture- from there mesmerizing animes to their deep rooted beliefs

If you want to know more about me, then please read my autobiography whenever I publish one! This blog is meant for the news that I love the most – New Events! If you need to know about these amazing magazines, then read this blog!