Fun and Practical Tablet Apps for Seniors

Commonly, we have the tendency to connect innovation with the more youthful generation, yet, older adults are surprisingly skillful with a variety of modern-day technology. As an example, 59% of Americans aged 65 and also above browse the web as well as 77% of this population usage mobile phones.

Actually, 23% of this populace actively play video games using cellphones, computer systems or pc gaming systems.

Not only do these figures indicate significant modern technology use, but the numbers are additionally continuouslying grow.

Particularly, tablet computers are an example of modern-day technology that several senior citizens can make use of really efficiently.

The term tablet computer describes touchscreen-based computer systems that have the tendency to be light and also easily mobile. The iPad is among the a lot more popular instances of these, although there are many others.

Due to the fact that they are a type of computer system, tablets have their own os and can run a large number of applications (applications), including many different games.

Tablets might vary from a screen size of around 5 inches right approximately around 10 inches, with display dimensions from 7 to 10 inches being one of the most usual.

Many tablets will run either an Apple or an Android os. Numerous apps will be present in the stores for both sorts of tablets, yet some will just be offered by one of the shops. Most of the applications I’m reviewing here are present in both shops, and also I specify the instances where this isn’t really true.

The touch display user interface of these devices has the tendency to be relatively simple for seniors to find out and also a number of them have the tendency to notice just what to do really easily. Bigger tablet computers work best for seniors, especially those with bad sight, as these have larger typeface dimensions as well as the onscreen switches tend to be larger.

Lots of people look for the very best Apple or Android apps for elders, but with a lot of options out there, it can be a pretty complex task.


For caretakers and for seniors, tablet computers could be appealing in a variety of means.

One important aspect is that the games on tablets can keep elders emotionally energetic, particularly as some video games can be tough. Study has actually shown that cognitive activity may be one key element in assisting to decrease the adverse impacts old on cognition. Another allure is that tablet computer video games can give elders something to do with their extra time, maintaining them entertained and also engaged.

With numerous various sorts of games available for tablets, you need to be able to locate video games that work for any elderly, with a little of browsing. This can be especially vital for caretakers that desire a bit of a break.

Sometimes, tablet apps could even be a method of keeping senior citizens socially engaged, as some video games enable multiple online players or assistance communication in between individuals.Likewise, senior citizens might play the exact same games as one an additional, using them the chance to speak to each other regarding the games.


As you could anticipate, there is a bit of a discovering curve with tablet computers.

Some seniors will certainly be able to notice the best ways to utilize tablet computers and games quickly. Others will certainly require even more teaching.

The main thing that you could should instruct seniors is the essentials of connecting with a tablet.

Tablet computers use touch screens, which are understandable. Nonetheless, senior citizens do need to learn ways to touch the display to get the preferred result and also learn the impacts that their activities have on the gadget.

Seniors commonly learn to make use of the touch screen fairly easily, yet might often find particular jobs challenging.

One elderly woman I understand can use a tablet for a number of games without any type of help, yet still has trouble unlocking the tablet computer.

You might find that you have to educate some concepts multiple times.

Some senior citizens might be able to find out video games without effort, but others could should be shown how to play particular games. This may refer sitting down with them and stepping them with any new game they start.

At the end of the day, this is something you’ll need to determine on a case-by-case basis. As seniors get better at utilizing tablets, you’ll discover that they grab brand-new video games much more quickly and also require much less assistance generally.


The series of applications and also ready tablet computers can be intimidating.

As an example, several of the groups consist of puzzle, word, informal, card and also parlor game – and that isn’t also counting the much more practical applications, like audiobook gamers and also digital book visitors.

This could be pretty frustrating also if you only wish to find a couple of appropriate apps. The suggestions in this short article originated from talking to elders and their families, and also from looking online, to figure out which apps are most appropriate for elders.

While many elders can play any game, the emphasis below is on apps that are reasonably simple to get as well as learn – to accommidate elders that could battle with some components of utilizing a tablet computer.

This article will certainly provide a variety of various entertainment and also sensible apps for Android and Apple tools, and also discuss the numerous features that make some apps more suitable than others for the elderly in your family members. All apps discussed are free unless otherwise noted.

While there are many other apps available, this checklist could act as a great jumping factor for getting seniors into tablet computers.


Angry Birds Rio (for Apple as well as Android) is a challenge video game, however the basic controls and also enjoyable graphics make it an excellent choice for senior citizens. The standard purpose of the video game is to utilize a slingshot and tear down buildings as well as there are many other games in the Angry Birds range, as well as they are all very comparable. Just like lots of games, this application is hit-or-miss, some seniors will like it, others will not be interested in any way.

Farmville 2: Country Getaway (for Apple and also Android) is a ranch video game with an emphasis on growing crops and also gaining money. It is a game that calls for technique, reading as well as preparation, so it could not be appropriate for all elders. I know a number of seniors that appreciate the video game and like the way that it keeps them assuming.

Peggle Blast (for Apple and also Android) is hard to explain, but the video game generally involves utilizing a ball to knock senseless secures. Peggle looks complicated in the beginning, yet the video game is easy to grab and could be a great deal of enjoyable without being complex. Peggle Blast is the cost-free variation of the video game, as well as has in-app purchases. The initial video game as well as its follow up (Peggle as well as Peggle Nights) are both likewise offered on Android as well as Apple. These variations cost to acquire, however are better in the long-run.

The Sims Freeplay (for Apple and Android) is a variation of the Sims franchise business, although many elders probably haven’t come across the franchise business. This is a task-based video game where users construct families as well as send characters (Sims) on tasks. It requires much less method than Farmville, yet both video games need awaiting jobs to end up. This is a typical method in several comparable games, as well as produces loosening up game play, where you establish it up and also come back later.


Block Problem (for Android) is a puzzle game where customers have to fit blocks within a form. It is easy to recognize yet can obtain challenging as individuals advance via the video game. While this particular application appears to be Android just, there are many comparable apps in both Android and Apple shops.

Clevermind ($ 2.99 for Apple) is specifically developed for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. It includes a variety of features for entertainment, including video games, facts as well as a journal. Furthermore, the app allows for voice interaction as well as could be utilized to browse the web in a more user-friendly fashion.

Jigsaw Puzzles Legendary (for Apple as well as Android) is a good tablet option for challenges, although there are many comparable applications out there. Jigsaw Puzzles Legendary is a cost-free application that comes with a big number of problems.

Word Look Puzzles (for Apple and also Android) is among lots of word search apps available. It has big text and also is very easy to utilize, making it a good option for seniors. It does not have a setting for trouble, so it could not function for everybody.

The video game additionally provides you the capability to talk to the individuals you are playing versus, which can be great if senior citizens are playing against buddies. The complimentary version has advertisements, which can be a pain, but the social element of the game can be appealing to elders.


Kindle (for Apple and also Android) is one example of a book reader, although there are many various other applications with comparable features. Kindle can be a good choice, as purchasing books with the application (or online) is fairly basic and the prices are usually practical. You could acquire Kindle apps from the store. A lot of apps for book analysis have alternatives to make the book easier to read, such as enhancing font dimension or altering the contrast. Using this type of application can be a fantastic way for senior citizens to check out and the application gives you the capacity to earn any type of publication right into a large print book.

Distinct (for Apple as well as Android) is one of numerous apps for playing audiobooks. As with Kindle, this application makes it simple to purchase publications, as well as both Kindle as well as Distinct are tied into

Although it’s membership based ($ 7.99/ month), Netflix is a great way for senior citizens to see films and television programs. Its rival Hulu is likewise an excellent alternative ($ 7.99/ month for Hulu Plus, totally free for fundamental Hulu), as Hulu typically has more traditional shows than Netflix offers. If you have network subscription, you may have the ability to access various other applications, like HBO Go, which allow you stream material from certain networks. Both of these applications are for Apple as well as Android gadgets.


Huge Launcher ($ 10.00 for Android) creates a new house screen for Android devices which a lot bigger icons. This can improve readability for seniors that struggle to see symbols on devices, especially on smaller sized gadgets. A trial variation of the app is additionally readily available. This is among the fairly couple of Apple or Android applications for elders that has actually especially been developed for this population, with CleverMind (over) being an additional one.


We have actually spoken about a number of different apps here, but we have actually just scraped the surface.

Both Apple and also Android have enormous shops that are constantly updated with brand-new applications. This suggests the choices for Apple as well as Android applications for senior citizens are pretty much endless.


Among the initial things to take a look at when selecting applications is to discover the sort of app the senior could appreciate.

Some seniors take pleasure in games, while others take pleasure in apps that challenge them emotionally.

Recognizing the type (or types) of app to seek could assist you to limit just what you need. This might take experimentation, and also patience.

In addition, if you know the sort of application, you can typically use the search function within the store itself to find just what you are searching for. You may choose to look ‘card games’ or ‘word search’, which would give you a list of apps that drop under these terms. The method isn’t specific, as it is trying to find words in the title of the app, yet it functions well for general categories of applications.

You could also check out categories and also subcategories of applications.

For instance, in the Google Play shop (Android’s application store), video games is one category and a few of its subcategories include: board, card, laid-back, problem as well as word.

When choosing apps, the celebrity score could additionally give an indicator of app quality.

Generally four or 5 star applications are worth attempting while anything three stars or under is doubtful.

In many cases though, it might be a case of downloading apps as well as attempting them out.

I do not advise this for paid apps, yet there is a substantial number of complimentary applications in the applications stores that you can choose from.


Numerous senior citizens will certainly be limited in just what apps they can appreciate due to physical or mental problems.

Considering these constraints could aid you to identify exactly what kinds of applications may be most fit for them.

Seniors who have problems with their eyesight may benefit from audiobooks instead of e-books. Seniors who have stopping working hearing could use a headset with the tablet (that makes points much less annoying for you also). This makes it easier for them to hear exactly what is going on.

From the psychological point of view, some elders will certainly have problem with games that are intricate or difficult psychologically, while others will not have a problem.

This indicates that you may need to look for games that are basic to play.

This is particularly true for people with mental deterioration, as they can end up being disappointed easily. Yet, they can delight in straightforward games. One research found that bingo can raise psychological functioning in participants with Alzheimer’s condition.

Various other types of games that could work consist of problem games, straightforward matching games as well as games like the Clevermind app I discussed previously.

Currently, there are couple of applications available that were especially established for elders, however this is altering. Study is beginning to focus on creating ready senior citizens. With any luck this means that even more games will certainly be available in the future.

However, much of the video games made for various other age groups are still very appropriate for seniors.

Certainly, seniors actually could enjoy video games on tablets, despite the fact that their ability degrees could differ substantially.

For instance, an elderly female I know plays Angry Birds, since the controls are reasonably easy to utilize. She delights in the game, she does not totally comprehend the physics or method behind it, so ends up repeating degrees often.

On the other hand, my dad has dementia, yet he is still able to play blackjack online (quite successfully as well, I may include), which remains to shock the family. It needs to be as a result of years invested playing blackjack in actual gambling enterprises – but it’s a solid indication that elders can be efficient in greater than we imagine.


Several tablet video games make use of a design called freemium.

This suggests that the game itself is cost-free, but some things within it may set you back. An usual instance is products to quicken time in games like The Sims Freeplay and Farmville Nation Getaway.

If this is most likely to be a concern, it is possible to switch off in-app investing in on your gadget to make certain no person accidentally spends money in video games.

You can make certain apps always ask for a password when any purchase is made.

You will additionally find some cost-free video games support themselves via advertisements – which could get irritating quickly.

In some cases, you can pay to have the advertisements removed, however not all video games sustain this.

I’ve located that as a whole, paid games are usually better because they typically aren’t attempting as difficult to obtain money from customers (they already earned money when you got the video game). If you discover a paid game with good testimonials that looks encouraging, do not create it off just due to the fact that it costs.


A lot of the games that elders will certainly play on tablets aren’t specifically intensive in terms of graphics or processing power.

Because of this, getting an excellent tablet computer for a senior does not have to be a pricey investment.

As a matter of fact, if you have actually technically minded people in your prolonged household, you could have the ability to obtain one as a passed down.

I understand a pair that just recently upgraded to newer as well as much faster tablets for individual use.

Their previous tablet computers ended up being talented to their mothers. This supplied an amazing introduction into tablets for the senior citizens, without costing anybody any type of money.

Additionally, most of the apps discussed here could likewise be located for Android and Apple smart devices. Smart devices have the tendency to have a much smaller sized screen, so typically aren’t ideal for all seniors, however they do supply an option to tablet computers for senior citizens who have excellent eyesight.


Tablet computers can be a remarkable way of maintaining seniors amused, and also there are a lot of various apps readily available.

In this message I’ve concentrated mainly on applications that I have actually had experience with as well as have seen senior citizens utilizing, yet there are a lot more out there. If you have various other suggestions for applications for senior citizens, please let me recognize in the comments below.

Greater than anything, the technique to locating the perfect applications for senior citizens is to engage them in the choice procedure.

This will allow you see what they are most interested in as well as what sort of video games they take pleasure in the most.

One essential element is that the games on tablets can keep seniors emotionally active, especially as some video games could be tough. Another allure is that tablet games can provide elders something to do with their spare time, maintaining them delighted and involved.

The basic objective of the video game is to use a slingshot and also knock down structures as well as there are numerous other video games in the Angry Birds variety, as well as they are all rather similar. As with several video games, this app is struck or miss out on, some senior citizens will certainly enjoy it, others will not be interested at all.

You could choose to browse ‘card games’ or ‘word search’, which would certainly give you a listing of applications that fall under these terms. Visit Terrarium tv for top of the line entertainment and streaming app.

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