Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Change your lifestyle with these 10 simple choices and make your morning better than yesterday!

Have you ever set yourself the goal of changing your lifestyle for the better, but have you ever failed? There are always special and chaotic life situations in which we sometimes just slip into and thanks to which we unfortunately have to discard our plans for change again. However, there are things in life that you can change in order to find your way back to the path of virtue. A healthy lifestyle is above all a matter of the mind, so start today!

With these ten simple decisions and healthy tips, you’ll never have to look back on the hard days of the past…

Never go shopping on an empty stomach: That is a golden rule of life! If you go hungry to a supermarket, you will return with all kinds of food that you would normally avoid. Make a nutrition plan in advance and the purchase can be better planned (and you spend less money!).

Choose wholemeal flour instead of white flour: whether it’s bread, pasta or rice: Wholemeal products are the best choice for a balanced diet. They taste just as good (if not better) and are more conducive to a healthy lifestyle. While wholemeal flour products contain many antioxidants, whitemeal products lack fiber and other important nutrients.

Trade elevators for stairwells: a very simple decision you’ve certainly faced in the past. If you allow your body this little bit of extra exercise of everyday life, there will be a nice reward: burning annoying calories – you will thank us later.

Take a slight incline! Do you already have regular running training on the straight line on your daily schedule? Then intensify your workout and climb onto the treadmill. Adjust the incline and start – then you will feel how much more effective your muscles are working. Or look for a path in nature that is uneven. This will burn extra calories and improve the strength of your legs.

Running or cycling instead of sitting in the car: Even if you can get from A to B comfortably and above all quickly – it is time to leave your beloved vehicle in the garage. Running or cycling not only saves you money on fuel, you can also add this extra exercise to your weekly fitness plan. The time outdoors again provides endorphin release (which we can use on the morning of a weekday).

Meditation instead of eating from boredom! Who doesn’t know that? After a stressful day you long for a big glass of red wine and a portion of ice cream. Don’t give in to this temptation – try to relax instead with a 5-minute meditation. Enjoy the sounds of peaceful music, dim the lights and clear your mind. You will feel like a new person afterwards.

Become “King of the Culinary Arts” Of course, this does not mean that you have to conjure up a “hood” menu every evening, but cooking with fresh and healthy ingredients increases the quality of life immensely. Finished products or microwave food are often enriched with hidden sugar and contain a lot of calories.

Avocado instead of butter: As much as we love to spread our thick slice of toast with delicious melted butter – it does not do our diet any good. Instead, crush an avocado, mix it with lime juice and fresh chilli and refine your breakfast bread with this ingenious spread.

Choose caffeine without bells and whistles: you can’t go out in the morning without fresh coffee or tea? Stop your Starbucks addiction and choose simple black tea or coffee. This not only saves you on calories, but also on expenses. And a really good coffee can be enjoyed without sugar or sweetener!

Say no to beer! Of course only the 100% renouncement of alcohol can have an immense effect on your health and your lifestyle, even if this is sometimes not an easy decision. If this is a problem for you, try it with small changes at first and choose mainly slimming alcoholic drinks like e.g: Vodka – that’s how you keep calories and sugar in check.

Health: Reasons why you should choose a healthy lifestyle

Health, vitality and joie de vivre are important prerequisites for a fulfilled, happy and long life. From a holistic point of view, a healthy, alkaline and balanced diet, drinking sufficient water, moderate exercise and regular relaxation form a perfect symbiosis.

In my opinion, a healthy diet plays a special role for your health, even if everything meshes like a cogwheel. Because a diet rich in vital substances ultimately decides how healthy you feel and actually are. Studies have shown that every disease has its origin in hyperacidity. Our body can normally take care of the removal of metabolic waste products, i.e. acids and waste products, itself. However, this only works if they don’t get out of hand, which is unfortunately often the case.

The following reasons show you why you should decide for your health and therefore for a healthy lifestyle:

A strong immune system and lasting good health

Surely you’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat” before. This often quoted sentence contains a lot of truth, because vital substances, i.e. vitamins, nutrients, trace elements, enzymes and much more, which we supply to our body with food, decide whether we stay healthy or develop diseases. A balanced, vital substance-rich and alkaline surplus nutrition strengthens our immune system. It also keeps our body in a neutral to slightly alkaline environment. If both conditions are met, there is a good chance that we will grow old in the best of health.

Have you ever noticed that the word food contains the word life? I.e. the food should fill our body with life. If we acidify our body with so-called “fillers” instead, because food has nothing to do with what most people consume today, then illness is inevitable. What many people overlook here is the fact that the time factor plays an essential role. A permanent hyperacidity becomes usually only after many years noticeable, after the slogan:

Don’t let it matter! Do your health a favour and offer your body as much living food as possible.

More Energy, Performance and Concentration

Living unprocessed food, i.e. vegetables, wild plants, lettuce, fruit, nuts and whole grains, give you noticeably more energy. They ensure that you are efficient and your concentration runs at full speed. So you can learn much more easily. But what may be even more important is that your work is easier and faster. And when you come home in the evening, you still have plenty of energy to enjoy your private life. That’s how health feels!

An active metabolism for a slim body

Your metabolism is activated by a basic, vital substance-rich diet and a moderate type of exercise. Because sport also supports your detoxification and thus your health. For example, a few extra pounds tumble automatically without having to starve or deny yourself anything. You’ll automatically get a slim body that’s fit and bursting with health. In the case of acidosis, the body instead packs the acids, which it cannot get rid of quickly between layers of fat. In this way it protects itself against excessive acid exposure. He also resists giving back these fat deposits, which makes it difficult to lose weight and leads to the dreaded yo-yo effect. Basic nutrition ensures an active metabolism and at the same time that your body can release its fat reserves permanently. All this leads to a life full of health and energy.

Strong muscles and bones

As you now know, if you permanently feed your body with bad food, your body will overacidify. If your body is overacidified, your bones and teeth will lose calcium and your muscles will lose magnesium. This can lead to fragile bones (osteoporosis), tooth loss and tension. A balanced, healthy diet contains proteins and important trace elements that promote muscle growth and ensure strong bones and teeth. A guarantor for lasting health.

Beauty that comes from within

Not only your health benefits from a basic diet rich in vital substances. Fresh food is also beneficial for your skin, hair and nails. These ensure beautiful, firm and smooth skin, silky shiny hair and firm, beautiful nails. A healthy diet can do much more, it not only influences the appearance, but also ensures your mental well-being.