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I slowly go crazy and scream. Not because we are in collective debt mediation, which in itself is all very well for me, but because I still have the feeling that it does not help me at all. We are now in it for exactly one year next October, and yet nothing has been paid off and not even a clean-up arrangement has been made! The question is why not? It’s always haunting my head. Am I now living so sparingly for nothing? Do I save having to be in this scheme for another three years? Instead of part-time, I’m currently working full-time to bring in as much income as possible. My husband has an almost full-time income with his part-time evening work and that’s fun…if something would be done about it! We, as a family, miss him. The children come home from school at four o’clock and the manly…Read MoreWhere To Find Money For Real Estate Investing – Part 1