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Attractive women know: The appearance can be helped a little bit. Even the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, famous for her beauty, did something about it: she bathed in milk and honey. Whether at home, in the beauty salon or at the hairdresser’s: At the beginning of every treatment is the cleaning – of hair, skin and nails. The motto is: as thorough as necessary, as gentle as possible. The right hair care starts with washing with lukewarm water and a small portion of a shampoo adapted to the hair type. For mature hair, pharmacies offer products with the active ingredient caffeine, which is intended to revitalise the hair roots. It is important to treat your hair with care: Do not rinse too hot, brush carefully and blow dry. From time to time use conditioners and cures that are adapted to the hair type. Anyone with questions about best mascara in Malaysia…Read MoreStart your day with right beauty care