Where To Find Money For Real Estate Investing – Part 1

I slowly go crazy and scream. Not because we are in collective debt mediation, which in itself is all very well for me, but because I still have the feeling that it does not help me at all.

We are now in it for exactly one year next October, and yet nothing has been paid off and not even a clean-up arrangement has been made! The question is why not? It’s always haunting my head. Am I now living so sparingly for nothing? Do I save having to be in this scheme for another three years? Instead of part-time, I’m currently working full-time to bring in as much income as possible. My husband has an almost full-time income with his part-time evening work and that’s fun…if something would be done about it!
We, as a family, miss him. The children come home from school at four o’clock and the manly leaves by five. In other words, four children hardly see their father as he also has to work the whole weekend every two weeks. I myself have a bad feeling there because I get the feeling that we are starting to live as brothers and sisters. I work during the day.

Is all this worth it? We have debts and for years we have tried to pay them off ourselves, sometimes resulting in a separation between us. Surely we should have more rest now? This is just not the case and I have the bales in it! Click here to find out moreĀ A1 Credit Moneylender

At first it was said that we could pay it off in two years, well then I wonder how! 1000 euros living wage, which is my husband’s income. Then rent 620 euros, which is the child benefit and then my salary of around 800 euros remains. Where, then, is this? And when I think about how much that should be in a year…even then I think we are not even half way there.
The debt mediator says I should not be too worried. All this is in a savings account and this will be the start of the repayment. That she is still disputing the debts and that the amount I have in mind is not even the amount of debts…no…but what is it? And how long will we have to live in this way?

I have always been very independent, got into debt due to brutal bad luck and I have been trying to get rid of it for five years by being economical, saving and always working despite the fact that my family doctor and psychologist advise against this. (I have Borderline and a herniated disc) What else do they expect? I am anesthetized 29 years and normal in the bloom of my life but sometimes I am so tired, so miserable that I can’t see the sun through the clouds…

Yes…I too sometimes find myself in the well and I think there are superiors with me in such a situation who have the same thoughts and feelings.
But I get together again…today I can bale and feel sad and I do nothing else at all. Little children are in bed, my house has been cleaned up and my planning is finished again….

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